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Lowell A. Boudreax

Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Maritime Administration

“According to Warren Buffett, the key to be successful is to earn more than you spend, and save the difference”
Get To Know Lowell A. Boudreax

What in your life drew you to your current field of study?

When working towards my masters degree, I learned that I loved to teach because of my Economics professor had assign each student a chapter in the text and had us teach and test our peers over the material.

What do you hope your students gain from studying or working with you?

Hope my students will gain the drive and enthusiasm to venture into the business world and be extremely successful and productive. I wish they will advance their careers in the future and secure themselves financially as well as represent the Spirit of Aggieland.

What are you passionate about in your personal life?

My three wonderful children, managing financial investments, and advising and mentoring 400 MARA students.

M.A. Maritime Administration and Logistics, Texas A&M University, 2017
Business Administration, Lamar University, 1996
B.A. Business Administration, Lamar University, 1993
Courses Taught
ECON 202: Principles of Economics (Micro)
ECON 203: Principles of Economics (Macro)
ECON 311: Money and Banking
ECON 323: Microeconomic Theory
ECON 452: International Trade Theory and Policy         
INFO 336: Decision Support Systems
MARA 205: Ships and Shipping
MARA 212: Business Law
MARA 304: Ocean Transportation II
MARA 363: Management Process
MARA 373: Human Resource Management
MARA 424: Economics of Transportation 
MARA 440: Ocean Transportation II
MARA 466: Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARA 484: Management Internship    
MARS 489: Management of Offshore Energy Resources 
MKTG 321: Marketing
MGMT 211: Legal and Social Environment of Business
Awards & Recognition
2009, 2010, 2011: Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence, Texas A&M University Galveston
2009: Academic Division Regents Merit Award, Lamar State College – Port Arthur
2008: Vice President’s Meritorious Service Award, Texas A&M University Galveston

Contact Info

Lowell A. Boudreax
Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Maritime Administration
Phone: +1 (409) 740.4942
Fax: +1 (409) 741.4014

Classroom Lab Building, Office 232