Communications/Media Outlets

  • Texas A&M University at Galveston Web Site—Emergency announcements related to the university will be posted to the home page with links to more information as available.
  • Texas A&M Emergency Web Site—This site will supplement the main university web site in disseminating detailed information about emergency situations.
  • E2 Campus Emergency Notification Service—In the event of a health or safety emergency, faculty, staff and students subscribed to Code Maroon will receive emergency notifications and updates on their cell phones. While
  • E2 Campus is a free service, participants will need to go online and fill out a short contact information form.
  • Email—Email is an important means for university officials to communicate emergency-related information and updates to the campus community.
  • Local News and Radio—Texas A&M officials will communicate important crisis and emergency information with local outlets in order to quickly disseminate news and information.