Captain's Log    

Captain Wade Howell will be providing updates while underway as connectivity allows. Follow us on social media (@texasmaritime) for publishing alerts or check back weekly for updates.  







Log #4 - June 23, 2022


It's a beautiful sunny day, but 48 degrees outside, and this morning it was snowing! 

Last night and early this morning we were rolling heavily in the swells on our port beam that we altered course to the northwest and reduced speed. Right after lunchtime we altered course again to the north and are making our best speed for our scheduled arrival to Iceland on Saturday morning. 

Log #3 - June 16, 2022 

The weather is finally nice. It is sunny with few clouds here at 2000 local. It's 63 degrees with a north/northeast breeze at 10 knots. There are a few white caps on the waves, the swells are getting smaller, and the ship is riding better over the swells on the port bow. Earlier today, we were pitching fore and aft and rolling very easy side to side in about 10-foot seas and swells on the port bow. 

Most cadets and crew are now wearing sweatshirts and/or jackets. The lookouts resemble Ralphie in the Christmas Story with their sweatshirts and jackets. 

We have cadets onboard from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, California Maritime, Great Lakes Maritime and Massachusetts Maritime, all eager to see Iceland in just over a week. By all accounts, morale is high and everyone is excited to see the northern part of the Atlantic. 

Log #2 - June 4, 2022

The weather is nice today off of Georgia. Partly cloudy and cool enough that most of us are wearing a light jacket or sweatshirt. We are going to proceed up the South Carolina/North Carolina coast for 12 hours and then return to anchor offshore for Sunday.

Sunday morning, we'll be doing drills lowering all lifeboats and greasing the wires; barbecue in the afternoon, and movie night on Sunday on the Helo Deck. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be doing more anchor drills for the seniors on the Bridge and Bow. 

Log #1 - May 31, 2022 

Cadets underway for SST '22 are working on their celestial navigation on deck and in cadet mess this evening. I played a game of nautical trivia with cadets during dinner. It was much like the Texas A&M vs. Alabama football game: one-sided. 

We have southeasterly winds at 15 knots and moderate seas from the same direction. With the ship's speed and the breeze, it is a very comfortable 77 degrees and partly cloudy as the sun sets over the western horizon. 

We are closely monitoring the weather forecast and will provide a full briefing in our regularly scheduled update on Thursday. 


Captain Sean T. McNeice will be providing updates while underway as connectivity allows. Follow us on social media (@texasmaritime) for publishing alerts or check back weekly for updates.  


Log #5 - August 21, 2021

Hurricane Henri is currently forecasted to make landfall on the eastern tip of Long Island between 80 to 100 miles east of New York City. We are continuing with our anchorage plans for the safety of the ship and all those onboard.

The TS Kennedy will be anchored in the Bay Ridge Anchorage in the protected New York harbor by 1600 today (8/21) and will remain there until Tuesday (8/24) morning.  The port of New York/New Jersey is currently in condition X-Ray and no severe weather plans are required to be activated. We will have a second anchor available and engines available should they be needed. Should we need tug assistance we have lines rigged and ready to go. 

Currently, weather conditions are not forecast to be above 20kt gusts with sustained winds of less than 20 kts in the harbor with rain.  Should conditions deteriorate, we will take additional action.

The storm is 330Nm SSE of us off of Cape Hatteras. 

We have moved our BBQ, scheduled for tomorrow, to this evening to avoid rainy weather. We will be hosting a live stream, provided we have adequate connectivity, on the Texas A&M Maritime Academy Facebook Page this evening around 1730 ET. 


Log #4 - August 20, 2021

Howdy from the TS Kennedy.

We have been watching Hurricane Henri closely over the past week. We have adjusted our course and will be arriving In New York Harbor a day early – tomorrow, Aug. 21. The closest point of approach for Hurricane Henri appears to be 190 nautical miles from us when we are anchored at the Bay Ridge Flats anchorage with the Statue of Liberty in view.

We are currently 65 nautical miles off the coast of New Jersey and rolling gently in the Southeastern swells. It’s overcast and raining lightly. Our course is 250 true making good 10.2 knots. We anticipate being able to drop anchor around 1600(4 PM) tomorrow.

This weekend, weather permitting, we will be hosting a BBQ on the helo deck with the beautiful Brooklyn skyline as our backdrop. If connectivity allows, we will host a livestream. Stand by for those details.

We are scheduled to pick up anchor at 1000 on Aug. 24th and sail the East River as we conclude our final days of the 2021 Summer Sea Term.


Log #3 - August 11, 2021


We're currently anchored off the coast of Cape Cod and are still on schedule to dock in Boston on Friday. 

We sailed last night into a traffic separation scheme (TSS) during a foggy night, sounding the horn every two minutes. Our cadet duty officers helmed the vessel alongside our licensed watch officer and anchored the TS Kennedy at seven shots of chain at the water's edge. The fog cleared as we came to the top of the Cape Cod peninsula, and we spied none other than the TS General Rudder pulling into Provincetown at 0530 this morning. 

Cadets spent the afternoon enjoying cell phone service and took in the bay full of other vessels, notably a few schooners and a three-mast gaff-rigged sloop. Many are opting for sweatshirts in this weather - 15 knots of wind at 75 degrees, with a slight wind chill factor pushing it into the 60s. It's practically winter for Texans! 


Log #2 - July 27, 2021

Howdy again from aboard the TS Kennedy!

We are currently steaming northwest through the Gulf of Mexico. The weather has been warm and sunny, giving us calm seas and warm days. We’ve been fortunate to greet some early morning visitors recently. Saturday, we sailed alongside the TS State of Maine for approximately 30 minutes off the coast of Cuba. We also had a pod of 20+ dolphins surfing off the bow early yesterday morning.

Yesterday we conducted weekly drills, including fire and abandon ship. Everyone onboard mustered at their designated locations while a team of cadets worked to extinguish a simulated fire in the purser’s office on the Main Deck.

After a busy morning, cadets took advantage of more relaxing opportunities, including fishing off the stern, barbecuing and playing yard games on the Helo Deck. They ended the day with a “Casino Night” in the cadet mess.

As we approach the Texas coast over the next few days, plans are to sail near the reefed TS Texas Clipper off South Padre Island. Today we will also be dropping meteorological buoys throughout the afternoon, after which we will head west toward Brownsville, Texas.

I expect excitement onboard will continue to grow the closer we get to Galveston.


Log #1 - July 11, 2021

Howdy from aboard the TS Kennedy!

We’re currently north of Jamaica. Weather has been holding steady and we’re experiencing a tropical breeze. While we sailed by some ship traffic at “Malfunction Junction,” a point off the coast where incoming ships divert to Texas ports, traffic has been relatively uneventful. We anticipate rougher seas in the coming days and are fortunate to be on the TS Kennedy which offers a smooth ride.

The past few days have been spent working out the kinks in rotations and operations as cadets are becoming more familiar with their roles onboard. They are attending classes, gaining hands-on experience, working on sea term projects, and taking advantage of the numerous opportunities on board to ward off boredom, such as karaoke, corn hole, ping pong, basketball, gaming and movies; I’ve also been told that a few fish have been reeled in on the stern.

Spirits are high and morale is good. I’ve had more than a few cadets comment on how good the meals have been onboard. All of us enjoyed the BBQ on the helo deck yesterday for dinner.

You can expect another update from me once we anchor off of St. Thomas.