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Training the next generation of merchant marine leaders, we are focused on developing skillful, driven, and well-educated graduates.

Internships & Job Opportunities    

Love What You Do

Maritime transportation is a thriving, connected industry. Our department is full of top professors and industry experts that bring that energy and connectivity to the classroom. When it comes to jobs, our students will have options. Whether it is starting with a summer internship or launching a successful career at an international company upon graduation, our students will have the skills and support necessary to make that next step.

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The Department of Maritime Transportation offers the following major-specific scholarships:

  • Bouchard Transportation Scholarship
  • Carl H. Haglund and Michael E. Resner Scholarship
  • Joseph B. Morreale Memorial Scholarship
  • Marine Technology Society Dynamic Positioning Scholarship
  • Sea Aggies at Stolt Tankers, USA Scholarship

The Texas A&M Maritime Academy offers a further 19 scholarships for cadets.  There are also numerous general scholarships available for students entering college, continuing their education, or transferring.  Some scholarships have stipulations as to who can apply, while many are open to most applicants.  Texas A&M University at Galveston also has scholarships available for graduate students. 

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Study Abroad    

Travel the World

Maritime transportation is what drives the global economy. Any country with access to the ocean has a port, and most countries receive a substantial amount of trade via ocean-going vessels. This opens up a world of opportunities for you to learn the industry in an exotic place with a fresh perspective, and make some new friends while you’re at it. The study abroad program is one of the most rewarding experiences undertaken in college, and as part of the greater Texas A&M Network, TAMUG has a huge array of opportunities.

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