Lin Qiu

Instructional Assistant Professor
Division of Foundational Sciences, Mathematics

Phone: +1 (409) 740.4554
Fax: +1 (409) 740.4962

Building MAIN (3034) 408D


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What in your life drew you to your current field of study?

I've always been interested in Math since I was a kid, In college I started to learn that math isn't just calculations. It is problem solving, theory development and it has so many applications in different sciences. What amazed me most is the beauty of many famous theories. So I chose to dedicate myself to develop more in Real Analysis during my graduate years.

What do you hope your students gain from studying or working with you?

I hope my students will not only gain the ability of solving math problems, but also develop the powerful logical thinking ability and reasoning skills. Math is often the hardest subject to many students. I would also hope it teaches them that consistency and hard work is the key to success, which shall benefit them lifetime long.

What are you passionate about in your personal life?

Reading, writing, cooking, travel, swimming, tennis.


Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Alabama, 2006

M.S. Mathematics, University of Alabama, 2005

B.S. Applied Mathematics, Tongji University, 2002
Minor: International Finance and Commerce (Minor)