DPS MOU Quick Compliance Guide


The DPS MOU has a number of elements of compliance to the program. They are:

Tracking of listed glassware and precursor chemicals

  1. Inventories of listed precursor chemicals and glassware
  2. Tracking of purchases of listed precursor chemicals and glassware
  3. Tracking of use of  listed precursor chemicals
  4. Tracking the disposal of listed precursor chemical and glassware

Laboratory Security Plan

  1. Limited access to precursor chemicals
  2. Lab is secured when unattended
  3. Suspected theft of listed chemicals and glassware is reported and investigated

Transfer of Listed Precursor Chemicals and Glassware

  1. Nar-22 form
  2. Prohibition of transfer of chemicals without notification

Quick Compliance Guide

In order to comply with the DPS MOU, specified steps must be taken to address each element of compliance as addressed in the MOU. These steps are:

  1. Develop a chemical inventory of listed precursor chemicals or sign the chemical disclosure form if none of the listed chemicals are used in the laboratory. (Notification to the Safety Officer must occur if this status changes)
  2. Develop a listed glassware inventory
  3. Track all purchases of listed precursor chemicals and glassware (print out of purchase order listing the items or a shipping manifest will suffice) and keep this documentation available in case of audit by a DPS Special Investigator.
  4. Print a copy of the Laboratory Safety & Compliance Manual and review with all lab personnel (with particular emphasis on laboratory security measures).
  5. Maintain a listed chemical use form.
  6. Maintain a glassware disposal form at the site of disposal for damaged glassware.
  7. Notify the TAMUG Police of any suspected theft of listed glassware or precursor chemicals by calling (409) 740-4545.
  8. Contact the TAMUG Safety Office for the disposal or surplus of any listed chemical or precursor chemicals at (409) 740-4055.

Should you have any questions please call the Director of Safety at (409) 740-4055.