Traffic Emergency

Dangerous bridgeIn the event of a malfunction or accident involving the Pelican Island Causeway that impedes traffic to and from Pelican Island and the Mitchell campus, the office of the COO will immediately enact the following procedures:

Notification of Authorities

If the situation warrants, the Assistant Vice President for Administration or designee will notify the Sheriff's department, Galveston Police Department, Galveston Fire Department and the United States Coast Guard.

The Incident Command Team will report to the Emergency Operations Center  to coordinate campus operations and response.

Texas A&M University in College Station will be notified, as appropriate, of the situation and the campus' actions.

Campus Police will be dispatched to the Pelican Island Causeway to assist with traffic control.


The Emergency Communications Plan will be implemented using Sea Aggie Alert, and the campus website.

If the situation warrants, additional information will be provided to local media sources.


If appropriate, Texas A&M University at Galveston will contract with local charter companies for the transportation of students, faculty and staff to and from Pelican Island to Galveston Island.

In the event of an extended disruption of bridge access, TAMUG will work with local officials to determine an alternate method for the transport of faculty, staff, students and other island constituents to and from Pelican Island.