Staff Response to Emergency

During and emergency, it may become necessary to suspend routine campus operations and move to emergency response status.  Under such circumstances, all essential employees are expected to report to and/or remain at work to sustain services and protect campus assets.  In doing so, the following procedures will be followed:

The Incident Command Team will direct all actions during the emergency.

No faculty or staff member will be allowed to leave campus until released by his/her supervisor.

Remaining at Work/Time Reporting

During a declared emergency time will be recorded as:

  • Regular time worked and any applicable overtime.
  • Administrative leave will be granted for each hour worked to be taken within 180 days of accrual and approved by the supervisor.
  • Employees released from work should not expect to use TAMUG facilities as a shelter for themselves or their dependents during an emergency.
  • Non-benefit eligible employees will not be eligible for Administrative Leave.

Order to Re-open Campus/Return to Work Notification

Once employees are released from work by his/her supervisor, campus employees should monitor local news media for information on when the campus will re-open and when employees should return to work.

The Office of the President and CEO will determine when to re-open the campus.

The media will be asked to announce that the campus has been re-opened and normal operations resumed or an evacuation is ordered.

Voice mail numbers in College Station and Galveston will be available to provide up-to-date information regarding the re-opening of campus.  The campus website will also provide this information:

Radio/Television Stations

KPRC - TV Channel 2 - Houston

KHOU -TV Channel 11 - Houston

KTRK -TV  Channel 13 - Houston

KTRH – Radio 740 AM - Houston

When possible, the TAMUG Information Line will be used to provide additional updates.

(409) 740-5500

Failure of an employee to return to work as instructed by his/her supervisor or the President and CEO once the campus is reopened may result in disciplinary action to include termination in accordance with campus rules and System regulations

Revised June 2010