Operation Concept

Incident Command System

The Incident Command System is an aggressive and systematic approach to dealing with an emergency situation. Properly adhered to, this system will aid in coordinating labor, equipment, and priorities. Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) shall follow this system in preparing for and responding to a threat to the TAMUG campus, students, faculty, and staff.

Incident Command Team

The Incident Command Team is comprised of the campus Executive Team and shall be responsible for all decisions, logistical operations, external agency interaction and communications on behalf of the campus.

Incident Command Center

The Incident Command Center shall be located in Room 390, Building, #3029 and shall be the base of operations.

(409) 740-4403
(409) 740-4545

The President and CEO or designee will lead the Incident Command Team and is solely responsible for making all decisions and statements concerning an evacuation of campus facilities.

In addition, the President and CEO is the only individual authorized to order re-entry to campus property

The President and CEO is the only authority offering media statements. In the absence of the President and CEO, his designated representative shall assume these responsibilities.

The Executive Associate Vice President and Chief Operations Officer will be responsible for administering the system and remaining fully informed as to the status of operations.

Checklist Followed by Team Members

  1. Assess threat of...
    • Harm to persons - Consider: Evacuation of personnel and students?
    • Damage to property - Consider: Secure buildings or areas? Lock desks and doors? Security of vital utilities, communications gear, data bank access (either physically or electronically)?
  2. Disruptions of campus functions
    • Assemble staff...
    • Make assignments, and...
  3. Appoint one as aide to stay close at hand at all times.
  4. Notify President and Provost and chancellor.
  5. Keep log of events, times, statements, etc.
  6. Distribute policy documents and statements to those who need them...campus police may handle distribution.
  7. Contact city and county authorities, campus police will provide phone numbers and passwords (if any).

Revised June 2012