Boating Emergency

Coast guard rescueIn the event of and emergency or accident involving the use of a campus boat(s) by students, faculty and staff, the campus will immediately enact the following procedures:

Operation and Safety Procedures Manual, Vessel Operations 

  1. Emergency personnel should be notified immediately.
    • For On Campus Emergencies, Dial 911
    • Off Campus Emergencies, Dial 911
  2. Provide Dispatcher with:
    • Location of emergency
    • Type of injury or illness, if known
    • Brief description of injured/ill person (gender, age, etc.)
  3. Render First Aid, if trained
  4. Make injured/ill as comfortable as possible
  5. Stay on the phone with dispatch until emergency personnel have arrived
  6. The accident scene will be secured by responding emergency personnel.
  7. If the accident requires immediate response by TAMUG personnel, the office of the COO will be notified and appropriate action will be taken.


Securing Campus

If the situation warrants, the order to secure the campus will be given by the office of the  COO. This order will be given only if there is a perceived threat to the campus associated with the emergency or accident on the General Rudder (i.e. terrorist attack/threat).

No student, faculty or staff member will be allowed to leave campus until released by the COO or designee.

The Incident Command Team will report to the Emergency Operations Center  to coordinate campus operations and campus response.

College Station will be notified of the incident and the campus’ actions.

All Campus Police Officers will be called to duty immediately.

Campus Police will be dispatched to the main entrance of campus and to the intersection of Seawolf Parkway and Texas Clipper Road. Campus Police will remain in radio contact with the Police Chief and Incident Command Center.



Coast Guard and Local Law Enforcement

  • The campus response to a boating emergency will be coordinated by the Incident Command Team with the U.S. Coast Guard and local law enforcement officials.

Parent Notification of On-Campus Students

  • Parents of students on campus will be notified immediately following a report from Campus Police that the emergency has been addressed and all parties involved are accounted for.
  • Students with cell phones will be asked to refrain from contacting family members until the full nature of the emergency has been assessed and the security of the campus ensured.
  • Notification will be conducted by the Office of Student Affairs.

Notification of Family Members of Involved Persons (Students and Employees)

  • Family members of
    • students involved in the emergency will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs as soon as information is available.
    • employees aboard will be notified by the Office of Human Resources as soon as information is available.
  • A list of students and personnel on board will be obtained from the responsible department or Vessel Operations by Campus Police.
  • In the event of a death or hospitalization, notification will be made to the family/families affected, by the COO or designee.
  • Family members will be kept informed by the Incident Command Team as much as possible.
    • Campus employees will be allowed to contact their families following a report from Campus Police that the campus is secured and all occupants are accounted for
  • If the family/families of the individuals involved in the emergency reside out of town, notification is appropriate by law enforcement agency with jurisdiction. Simultaneous telephone contact by the Incident Command Team should coincide with the notification.
  • Information concerning the emergency will be posted on the TAMUG website and local media sources as information becomes available.


Immediate Support Services

The counseling suite in the Siebel Building will be used for a private area for families to gather following initial notification and upon arrival to campus.  Access will be maintained by Campus Police.


Crisis Counseling for Students, Faculty and Staff

In the event of an emergency, Employee Assistance Personnel will be asked to respond to campus. 

A support group should be established for the families for food and household preparation, screening of telephone calls, childcare, etc.

The Office of Student Affairs will provide counseling to students.


Media Management

A media center will be established in Sea Aggie Center 601 or PE 107 to accommodate the electronic and data outlet needs of the responding media.

The Incident Command Team will coordinate all media interactions with campus members. The COO or designee will serve as the chief spokesperson for the campus.

If employees are called by outsiders or members of the media, they should refrain from comment and refer the individual to Emergency Operations Center

Employees should be weary of video cameras and their coverage of the incident at the scene.

Family members affected are discouraged from agreeing to provide media with an interview, but, if not, questions should be prescreened.  A member of the Incident Command Team should be present during interviews with family members to ensure that ground rules are followed and inappropriate questions are not addressed.