Department Long Distance Calls    

Account Managers will be responsible for reviewing Department Long Distance Calls monthly report. There may be account managers responsible for more than one department. 

High-traffic departments might consider blocking long distance calls from phones easily accessible by using the "local calls only" feature. Contact Technology Services at or 409 740 4714 and provide a list of extensions you would like restricted. 

Personal Use of Long-distance Phone and Fax charges, or excessive 1-800 usage will be reimbursed on a monthly basis to account 264222 Telephone Operations, a University central account. Account Managers should complete Reduction of Expense form for each employee with the employees personal check and submit to FMS Cashier. Cash will not be accepted.

External employment calls should be consistent with System Policy 33.04.01 Use of System Resources for External Employment. Calls not consistent with this policy will need to be reimbursed.


  1. Account Managers and Department Heads receive monthly report from Technology Services via email
  2. Monthly report will be presorted by extension for each department
  3. Each employee in the department is required to self-identify personal long-distanct phone calls, and reimburse the university for the additional cost
  4. Account Managers should review phone and fax charges for errors, unauthorized long-distance calls, and excessive 1-800 usage
  5. Account Managers should document the monthly report was verified and maintain documentation in accordance with Record Retention
  6. Account Managers will collect a personal check for refund, if any, and submit Reduction of Expense to Cashier
  7. Account Manager will brief department head, if necessary