If you are involved in an accident in a university-owned vehicle    

  • Stop immediately and notify the proper law enforcement agency so that an official report can document the accident.
  • Take necessary steps to prevent another accident.
  • Call emergency medical services (911) if necessary. Render aid to the injured until help arrives.
  • DO NOT make any statement, oral or written, as to WHO was at fault. Any admission of fault may impair the insurer’s ability to defend a case of questionable legal liability. Appropriate legal authority will decide fault or liability.
  • Provide all required information to the law enforcement officer.
  • While at the scene of the accident, secure information needed to complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form. A packet with the Motor Vehicle Accident Report is located in the map/glove compartment in the vehicle. The police officer will assist in providing the necessary information. Do not leave blank spaces.
  • Record the names and addresses of all witnesses.
  • Report the accident to your supervisor and to Fleet Services as soon as possible.

Complete the report and include photographs of the damaged vehicle(s), and submit directly to Deborah Dell delld@tamug.edu 409-740-4908, Susan Lee lees@tamug.edu 409-740-4533, or Campus Police 409-740-4545 within 24 hours of the accident.