Foreign Travel Rules and Procedures    

Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) acknowledges the need for international travel by its employees to conduct official business and/or research. Because of the constant and evolving danger associated with international travel, awareness in this area of risk is imperative. In accordance with Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Regulation 21.01.03, Disbursement of Funds and Texas A&M University Standard Administrative Procedure 21.01.03.M0.02, TAMUG is committed to maintaining accountability and conserving public funds. All travel must be submitted and approved through Concur before travel commences.

Travel to Extreme Risk Countries

System Risk Management provides weekly notifications regarding international travel including lists to extreme risk countries and regions, as well as associated risk summaries. System International Risk Status.


System Risk Management provides a short but informative international travel training video via Train Traq (course number 2111728). It is highly recommended all employees, undergrad, and graduate students review this travel training video prior to traveling abroad.

Additional Travel Training

Disbursement of Funds and Travel Training via Train Traq (course number 211201)

Travel Safety Tips via Train Traq (course number 1211010)

International Travel Recommendations

Electronic devices