Waterfront Revitilization Project

Starting in the fall of 2009 the waterfront at the Mitchell campus is undergoing a multi-million dollar upgrade to facilities and systems. The re-fit of the facilities will create multi-facetted capabilities in support of our mission and enable the infrastructure to grow in modular stages well into the future.

This project will occur in three phases over the course of about three years.

Phase One is  Completed

  •  Rebuild the auxiliary steam boiler for training ship pier.  Completed - November 2009
  • Install new heavy weather mooring bollards for training ship. Completed - March 2010

Small boat basin reconstruction.  Completed May 2011

  • Replace north bank revetment and add landscaping to tie into new science building Completed September 2010
  • Replace all floating piers in a new more boater friendly configuration. Completed September 2010
  • Replace fixed pier on west side. Completed September 2010
  • Install a bulkhead for mooring and bank stabilization on the east bank. Completed September 2010
  • Install new boat ramp on west side of basin. In Progress January 2011
  • Dredge new bulkhead and install faceboards and cleats. In Progress January 2011

Phase Two repair aging pier and approach bridges to pier. Completed December 2011

  • Survey pier and create bid package based on recommendations Completed March 2011
  • Rebuild the existing sheet pile bulkhead under approach bridges. Completed August 2011
  • Repair concrete spalling under pier and piles. Completed August 2011
  • Repair/Replace lighting. In Progress October 2011
  • Repair/Replace hand rails and shore side lifesaving equipment. Completed August 2011

Phase Three bank stabilization and erosion control of western shoreline and training ship pier. In Progress

Conduct an erosion study to determine the scope and nature of work needed to prevent the western shoreline from eroding and silting in the training ship pier Completed April 2011

Construction of a T-head training Jetty in front of Training Ship.  In Progress October 2011 Construction Starts March 2012