Float Plan

Operational Instructions for Vessel Float Plan:

ONLY THE VESSEL OPERATOR SHOULD FILE A FLOAT PLAN(If an Non-Tamug vessel is used then the Person-in-Charge should complete the float plan). 


A vessel float plan must be completed for every voyage of any TAMUG vessel or vessel operated under the auspices of TAMUG.  This is for your safety so that we know where you are, or are expected to be at all times.

Instructions for float plan:

  • Fill out the online form below completely! 

  • Once you hit "submit" the form will be emailed to Campus Police and Vessel Operations.

  • If you file a float plan and need to amend it please file another plan and under additional information indicate it is an amendment to your original plan.

Instructions for departure and arrival:

On day and time of departure, call campus police at 409-740-4545 extension 1 (after hours 409-771-5185)and indicate that you are activating the float plan as submitted.  If you will be late getting underway call campus police to update the time of departure.

Upon return, call campus police at 409-740-4545 extension 1 (after hours 409-771-5185) and indicate that you have returned safely.

Failure to indicate your return will activate an emergency response to look for you. Any costs incurred to look for people who did not call in will be charged to the department operating the vessel.

The float plan should be submitted no more than 24 prior to departure.

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