Vessel Operations Office

Texas A&M University at Galveston’s Vessel Operations Office is an energetic hub of activity, using a multi-mission mix of education, training, and recreational vessels that the diverse water-related campus and community have available seven days a week throughout the year. The waterfront hosts numerous waterborne research projects, labs, training opportunities, continuing education prograSea Camp Selmams, and Sea Camps.

The Vessel Operations Office is supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated staff with maintenance facilities, docks, boats, and administrative spaces that are a source of pride and enjoyment for students and their families, former students, faculty, staff, the entire TAMU system, and the community.

It is, by its exemplary operation, an extension of the academic teachings of Texas A&M Maritime Academy. In becoming “the best educational and training waterfront on the Gulf Coast,” TAMUG’s waterfront facilities are a regional resource desired to be used by everyone.

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