39. Soliciting on Campus

(Revised 2006)

39.1 The term "solicit" is defined as advertising, the taking of orders, sales, donations, proselytizing, campaigning (political or other), and collection and distribution of literature. Any solicitation on campus must have the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, whether such solicitation is by an officially recognized student organization, university organization, a governmental agency or other. Door-to-door solicitation by outside organizations or companies, however, is prohibited in the residence halls. Only those who have been issued a concessions letter are permitted to solicit or sell on campus property.

39.2 Concessions permits are limited to five days in a 30-day period to provide equal access to all organizations. All solicitation must take place from behind a scheduled table. A full-time student representing the group that obtained the permit must be at the approved location at all times.

39.3 All charity and welfare drives must be sponsored by an officially recognized student organization, and are subject to the same guidelines as other solicitations on campus. Student organization charity fund drives also should be registered through the Office of Student Life.

39.4 Only recognized campus organizations, students, faculty members and staff are permitted to use campus facilities including computing resources for publicity and advertising. NonUniversity affiliated vendors may advertise through use of the Nautilus, the telephone or U.S. Mail. Guidelines regulating campus advertising and publicity may be obtained in the Office of Student Life.