17. Withdrawal Procedures

(Revised: 2012)

17.1 A student desiring to withdraw from the university (drop to zero hours) before the completion of a semester is required to comply with the official withdrawal procedure. This process is initiated in the Admissions & Records Office. This process must be completed by 5 p.m. the day the withdrawal is initiated. A student may not withdraw after the Q-drop deadline. Students who have emergencies or very unusual, substantial, nonacademic circumstances that occur after the withdrawal deadline may still have relief. The Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer will retain the authority to support a student to withdraw after the deadline.

Upon authorization to withdraw, the student will receive a Texas A&M University at Galveston Withdrawal Form. Dependent on the student's individual circumstances, he/she may be required to clear his/her records with other university offices to ensure that appropriate refunds are processed.

Students may not withdraw during final examination periods.

17.2 During the summer session, a student must withdraw from the university under the following circumstances:

17.2.1 If the student is currently enrolled in only one of the following terms and decides to drop to zero hours (withdraw) in that term:

      • first five-week summer term

      • second five-week summer term

      • 10-week summer term

17.2.2 If the student is currently enrolled in the 10-week summer term and either of the fiveweek terms and decides to drop to zero hours (withdraw) in both terms.

17.3 When a student withdraws from the university beginning the first class day and extending through the Q-drop deadline, the registrar will assign a grade of W to all courses enrolled in during that semester that have not been completed by the official withdrawal date. Any courses previously Q-dropped for that semester will be changed to W, and the W grades will be displayed on the permanent record.