Procedures and Training 

The purpose of the TAMUG Vessel Operation and Safety Procedures Manual is to set forth the operational and safety guidelines adopted by the administration of Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) to provide for the operational safety and training of all personnel involved in vessel field activities associated with TAMUG’s educational, research, training, recreational sports and outreach programs.  TAMUG is committed to conducting its operations to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to property and the environment, in particular the marine environment.  The University seeks to develop, implement, and maintain standards of safety and environmental protection in line with what is considered reasonable and practical.

The specific objectives of the TAMUG’s operations and safety procedures are to:

  • prevent human injury or loss of life;
  • provide for safe practices in vessel operation;
  • comply with relevant mandatory rules and regulations;
  • list safeguards against all identified risks;
  • provide a safe working environment;
  • avoid damage to property and the environment, in particular, the marine environment;
  • continue to improve the safety management skills of vessel and shore-based personnel including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection 

Vessel Operations Procedures

Operation and Safety Manual revised 12-2016

OSP Appendix

Dinghy Sailing Operations Procedures

Keelboat Sailing Operations Procedures

Aggie Crew Operations Procedures

Hurricane and Emergency Procedures

Boat Ramp Use Procedures

TAMUG Vessel Operator Training and Certification Procedures

TAMUG Training Procedures

Vessel Operator Training Requirements (updated 05-2017)

Vessel Previous Experience Questionnaire

Approved Operator List (10-25-2018)


TAMUG Vessel Operator Training Schedule

Thursday, January 10, 2019 – Friday, January 11, 2019