Montague - Center for Teaching Excellence Scholars

The Center for Teaching Excellence exists to provide leadership and services that contribute to improvement of teaching quality at Texas A&M University.  The Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholars Program was initiated in 1991 as a cornerstone effort in this quest for sustained excellence.

Each academic college annually selects one tenure-track developing faculty member for the Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar designation.  This person, who will have already shown ability and interest in the teaching of undergraduates, receives a $5,000 grant to research and develop innovative teaching techniques with outcomes made available to other faculty through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

During the year of designation, the Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholars meet with each other, previously recognized scholars, the Council of Master Teachers, the Provost and the President, thus allowing these developing faculty to interact with recognized teachers and policy-making administrators of Texas A&M University.  The program allows the University to develop role-model teachers and to give recognition of excellence and promise in teaching early in a faculty member’s career.

Montague CTE Scholars - Additional Information

Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence Scholars Recognition

Dr. Peter van Hengstum, Marine Sciences, 2017

Dr. Maria Pia Miglietta, Marine Biology, 2016

Dr. R. J. David Wells, Marine Biology, 2015

Dr. Karl Kaiser, Marine Sciences, 2014