Endowed Chairs

The holder of an endowed chair should be considered as receiving one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on a faculty member. The highest level of performance, and national and international recognition of that performance, are inherent guidelines for appointment of a chair holder. The institutional expectation of unquestionable excellence in at least one of the three professional performance dimensions (research, teaching, and service) must be met in addition to any specific selection criteria associated with a particular endowed position. The appointment to an endowed chair may recognize a current member of the faculty or it may be associated with recruitment of a new faculty member; but, in all appointments, excellence should be evidenced by several years of outstanding performance based on national and international standards.

Endowed Chairs Recognition

Dr. William J. Merrell, George P. Mitchell ’40 Chair in Marine Sciences

Dr. Samuel D. Brody, George P. Mitchell ’40 Chair in Sustainable Coasts

Dr. Bernd G. Würsig, George P. Mitchell ’40 Chair in Sustainable Fisheries

Dr. Jay R. Rooker, McDaniel Chair of Marine Fisheries

Vacant, Powell Chair in Marine Engineering