The purpose of the parking and traffic rules of Texas A&M University at Galveston is to facilitate the safe and orderly flow of vehicular traffic on-campus, and to provide safe and efficient parking facilities. All members of the TAMUG community who park on TAMUG property are urged to familiarize themselves with these rules.

University Police have jurisdiction to enforce all Campus Regulations, Texas Criminal Laws, Texas Traffic Laws and any municipal or county ordinances of the City or County of Galveston on the TAMUG campuses or otherwise authorized. Strict adherence to all such laws and regulations will be required in order to preserve lives and property, and to provide ease of access by emergency vehicles. University Police will exercise all reasonable measures for the protection and security of vehicles on the campuses of TAMUG, but each owner or operator is responsible for the safeguarding of his or her own property from theft, accident or vandalism.

As a result of Hurricane Ike, TAMUG no longer allows personal boats to be stored on the premises. Any personal boat left on-campus for what is deemed an inappropriate length of time is subject to towing at the owner's expense. These regulations are designed to ensure the safe and proper storage and use of boats by TAMUG students, faculty and staff.

Any questions regarding interpretation or clarifications of these regulations should be directed to the Office of the TAMUG Police Department. TAMUG welcomes constructive suggestions. Such suggestions should be in writing and directed to the TAMUG Police Department, located in Building 3026.

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