Parking Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a parking permit cost?
Parking permit costs are reviewed annually.  The cost for a permit for 2023-2024 academic year is $250.00 for students, faculty and staff. A motorcycle parking permit for students, faculty and staff is $165.00. Students, faculty and staff who already have a regular vehicle permit and are interested in getting a second permit for a motorcycle can purchase a second permit for half price, $82.50.

What if I will only be a student at TAMUG for one semester?
Any student who does not return to school after the conclusion of the fall or spring semester can appeal for a partial refund of the permit fee. Refunds must be requested through the TAMUG University Police Department and the student’s hangtag must be returned to UPD as part of the refund request. Refunds are prorated based on the date that the permit is returned and a refund request is filed. 

Where can I park?
Please see the Mitchell Campus Parking Map for lot restrictions.  Students holding Resident or Commuter permits are not allowed to park in Faculty/Staff lots at any time.

College Station faculty, staff, & students with a valid TAMU permit can park in Galveston lots designated for Commuters.

Galveston faculty, staff, and students with a valid Galveston permit can park in College Station lots designated for Any Valid Permit and should check on the day of need to identify lot locations.  Any Valid Permit lots can change depending upon activities and events on the College Station campus.

How much does a parking ticket cost?
Most violations are $35.  Parking in a Fire Lane or a Disabled spot without a permit are $140 citations.  If the violator fails to appeal or make payment within 13 days, the citation fee increases by $10 on the 14th day.

Effective September 1st, 2016, parking ticket costs will be increased by half for customers with more than four (4) citations in a year.  Fines are doubled for customers with more than ten (10) citations in a year.

Example:  "Joe Aggie" doesn't buy a parking permit and he receives a citation for No Valid Permit - $35 citation.  If not paid by day 13, cost increases to $45.  "Joe Aggie" continues to park on campus without a permit, on the 5th citation, the citation cost increases to $52.50, and if not paid by day 13, it increases to $62.50.  "Joe Aggie" continues to park on campus and on the 10th citation, the citation cost increases to $70, and if not paid by day 13, it increases to $80.

Some of the common parking offenses are listed below:  

  • Not displaying a Valid Parking Permit
  • parking in a designated lot that you are not permitted to park in (i.e. Student parking in Faculty/Staff lot during regular weekday business hours)
  • parking in a loading zone for longer than 15 minutes
  • parking in a marked spot (i.e. Visitor Parking, TAMUG Vehicles)
  • parking in a Fire Zone
  • parking in a no parking zone-(i.e. on the grass, shoulder of the road, between buildings, yellow curbs, etc)
  • parking in a manner which obstructs the normal flow of traffic (i.e. in the right-of-way or occupying two parking spaces)
  • using a false or stolen permit. This offense additionally results in a hearing with the TAMUG Disciplinary Board. It may result in the revocation of parking rights on-campus, dependent on the decision rendered by the Board.

I just got a letter saying that I owe payment for a ticket that I never received. Now what?
Students, Faculty and Staff can monitor their Parking Accounts on the TAMU Transportation website. All tickets are uploaded daily, providing viewers with up-to-date information. Letters are also sent to the e-mail address on the account record notifying the account holder of the citation at 5 days and 15 days. On accounts where no e-mail address has been provided, the citation notification letter will be sent to the mailing address registered on the account.
If you feel that the citation was written in error or would like to challenge the citation, please see “How do I appeal a citation?”

How do I pay for a citation?
To pay online, go to and on the right-hand navigational column select “Pay Citation.” Enter either the license-plate that the citation was issued for OR the citation number that is printed on the ticket. You do not have to be logged in to your account in order to pay a citation. Payment for parking permits or parking citations will no longer be accepted at the Cashier’s window.

How do I appeal a citation?
Go to and log in to your Parking Account. Once you have logged in successfully, on the left-hand navigational column you will see the bolded heading “Appeals” and under that heading, “Appeal a Citation.” Select the “Appeal a Citation” link to begin your appeal process, and then select your citation. 

Does my TAMUG permit allow me to park on the main campus of Texas A&M?
Yes, Go to "Parking on the College Station Campus" for information on parking available to Faculty, Staff, & Students with valid TAMUG permit

Are parking permits transferable?
No. Parking permits are for the exclusive use and benefit of the registered owner. The permit holder may not transfer a parking permit to another person. A permit holder may use their parking permit in a vehicle they are exclusively using (i.e. new car, a rental, Mom’s car, etc.). In these situations, it is not necessary to report the change of vehicle to the TAMUG Police Department. The Texas A&M Police Department at Galveston in conjunction with the TAMU Transportation Department is the only Department that may issue parking permits for use on the Galveston Campus.

How do I get a Visitor Pass?
Go to for information on visitor parking.

What if my permit is lost or stolen?
If your permit is lost or was stolen, you must inform the University Police Department of the incident immediately and make a report.  If your permit was stolen, you must also sign an affidavit declaring that you will prosecute and testify in any hearing or court preceding that may come about by the recovery of your stolen permit. 

What is the penalty for using someone else’s parking permit, or displaying a fictitious parking permit?
Anyone found responsible for possession or illegal display of a stolen or fictitious parking permit will be cited for violation of University rules, subject to a disciplinary hearing and their parking privileges will be suspended.  The time of suspension will be decided by the disciplinary panel in addition to their decision on the rules violation.

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