Handling Citation

Campus Citations

Traffic Citations issued by the TAMUG Police Department are processed by the Justice of the Peace Court, Pct-3, Honorable Judge Billy A. Williams Jr presiding. Prior to the assigned court date, either the fine must be paid or a written request made through the court to contest the citation. If a request is made to contest the citation, the court will schedule a court date to appear. For questions contact the court at 600- 59th St., Galveston County Court House, 1st floor, Galveston, TX. 77551, (409) 770-5455. Failure to satisfy the court regarding a traffic citation may result in the issuance of a warrant of arrest.


Failure to properly appeal or pay the citation within the ten (13) day limit will result in the fine being added to the student’s fee statement; failure to pay the fee statement will result in a block being placed on the student’s account by the Financial Management Services department.


Failure to properly satisfy a campus citation (pay or appeal) within the established time limits will prohibit the issuance of a new permit the following year.
Any campus member who intentionally avoids obtaining a parking permit will not be permitted to operate or park a motor vehicle on campus. Such vehicles may be towed from campus at the owners expense without additional warning or have all future citations being assigned to the Galveston County Justice Court at Law, until the account is satisfied.
Only the Chief of Police may invalidate a citation due to extraordinary circumstances.
Failure to comply with suspension, citation assessments or the findings of the Appeals Board may lead to towing, impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. Such vehicles may not be released until all penalties, including citations, towing, impound and storage fees are met.

Municipal and County Court Appearance Citations

Municipal Court and County Court citations are summons to appear in court before the indicated magistrate in the same manner as traffic citations issued by any Peace Officer of the State of Texas. Municipal Court and County Courts may impose penalties as provided by state law. The citation will clearly state in which court the violation is filed, so that the violator may take appropriate action in the proper court venue. The officer will also advise the violator where the citation is filed and provide instructions on how to pay or contest the citation in the designated court.
Failure to resolve Municipal and/or County court appearance citations is cause for the appointed courts to issue an arrest warrant for the person named in the citation. Court appearance citations must be resolved, as the court requires.