Texas A&M University at Galveston is an institution of higher education and does not include any public fishing facilities. Due to significant safety and security concerns TAMUG only allows current students, current TAMUG employees and approved guests to fish on property owned or controlled by TAMUG. Approved guests must be accompanied by an affiliated individual, unless otherwise authorized. Fishing is only permitted on the Mitchell Campus on Pelican Island.

Fishing Rules

  1. Guests of affiliated students and employees are permitted to fish as long as the TAMUG student or employee is with them. Employees and students are responsible for the conduct, compliance, safety and actions of their guests. All fishermen are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times.
  2. Students and staff may have a reasonable number of guests at any one time.(Campus Police will determine what is reasonable for the situation)
  3. Fishermen may only deploy one or two fishing rods at a time, per fishermen.  Fishing rods may not be left unattended.
  4. All children must be in the immediate care of an adult. Children 12 years old and under must wear an approved USCG flotation device while on TAMUG docks, piers, and beaches, as well as when they are in or near the water. In addition to dangerous drop-offs and currents, equipment and vehicles in the vicinity of authorized fishing areas can pose a danger to unsupervised children.
  5. Fishing is not permitted from the dock at any time. Fishing is allowed on the beach, between the dock and the Pelican Island Causeway, or on the fishing pier. The area around the small boat basin is not open for fishing during normal hours of operations or if port operations require it to close temporarily. Open mainly on weekends and holidays.
  6. Fishing is allowed at night but may be limited or forbidden during certain times for, training, repairs and/or cruise preparation.
  7. No wade fishing is allowed in the oil spill compound, the small boat basin, the Oceanography docks or any areas marked as "No Fishing".  Fishing on the Teichman Road campus is strictly limited to affiliated students and employees of TAMUG.
  8. All fishermen must have a valid Texas fishing license with a salt water stamp and must present it upon request.
  9. No alcoholic beverages, drugs or firearms are allowed on-campus at any time. Anyone found in possession of contraband will be subject to immediate removal and/or citation or arrest.
  10. All vehicle operators on-campus must obey traffic signs and directions from University Police officers or University Officials.
  11. Vehicles parked on campus must pay to park via Pay Station Kiosk or Park Mobile phone APP in parking areas designated for Visitor Parking. Parking on the docks, the beach area or within fire lanes or any other space which is not a clearly marked parking space, is strictly prohibited. Vehicles in violation of these rules will be cited and subject to tow at the owners expense. Failure to pay parking citations (University cashiers office-SAGC) will result in revocation of fishing authorization for one year from date of violation.
  12. No littering. All fishermen are responsible for any trash or debris that they may accumulate while on TAMUG property. Fish cleaning is not allowed at any time on campus property.
  13. All rules will be enforced by the Campus Police Department.  Anyone who fails to follow the instructions of a Campus Police Officer will be subject to revocation of campus fishing authorization,and/or citation or arrest. All unauthorized individuals will be asked to leave.  All fishermen shall be considered "notified" of the rules from posted signs.
  14. Texas parks and Wildlife agents frequently check fisherman on campus and notify campus officers if University rules are violated.
  15. We reserve the right to investigate all containers left tied to any structure on the TAMUG water front. (anyone that suspects a container may present a problem should immediately call the officer on duty for inspection-409-740-4545)  We recommend that all who leave a container in the water make sure it has their name and phone number on it, for verification. Homeland Security rules prohibit containers of any kind to be left near the ship or between the dock and the ship.  These containers will be removed and discarded without notification. No ropes, strings or lines of any kind will be fastened to water lines, gas lines, electrical conduit or any other piece of infrastructure on the water front.  They will be removed and discarded without notification. Any authorized staff or researcher, who finds any unauthorized containers or fastening in the normal course of their duties may remove and discard such objects without notice. (report to Campus Police at time of removal)
  16. The fishing pier, located in the sw corner of campus, is small and can only accommodate a small number of fishermen at any one time. Campus Police may relieve any overload situation by whatever reasonable means are available at the time.  Safety is number one.
  17. No exception to these rules may be made without the approval of the TAMUG COO or their designee.