Welcome to the Utilities site for Texas A&M Galveston! This site has been developed to inform students, faculty, and staff of energy usage and recycling on the A&M Galveston campuses.

As you might expect from the influence hurricane seasons and current events in the Middle East, utility costs especially for electricity and gas are a growing concern.  We are anticipating our fiscal utility costs to increase exponentially each year.  To minimize costs, it's imperative that students, faculty, and staff work together to reduce the amount of electric, gas, and water used across campus.  Remember that cost increases ultimately become the burden of students, faculty, and staff.


Providing world class service through the production, delivery, and management of safe, reliable, and efficient utilities and energy, effectively stewarding university resources and the environment.


A world class leader in the production, delivery, and management of utilities and energy services, fostering a culture of excellence in support of the vision and mission of Texas A&M University.

Energy Action Plan 2015

In support of the Texas A&M University Vision 2020: Creating a Culture of Excellence and Action 2015: Education First Strategic Plan, the Energy Action Plan (EAP) 2015 has been established to continue improving the efficiency and effectiveness of mission-critical utility and energy services. Building on an annual energy efficiency improvement of 35 percent per square foot achieved since 2002, EAP 2015 has a goal to continue improving services while reducing energy consumption per square foot by an additional 20 percent for the five year period of FY11 through FY15. This goal is challenging but can be accomplished through implementation and management of the following comprehensive plan.