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First Stop: Galveston, Next Stop: The World    

January 13, 2023

Anthony Feghali '22 presents his speech to the graduates of the December Commencement Ceremony for Texas A&M University at Galveston.
Anthony Feghali '22 presents his speech to the graduates of the December Commencement Ceremony for Texas A&M University at Galveston.

By Taylor Bounds, Content Specialist

In his commencement speech, Anthony Feghali ‘22 gave his classmates three words to live by: shift your perspective. This approach allows him to experience his life and the world a little differently, a world, according to him, “where there are no boundaries but, in fact, an abundance of information and opportunity.” This is reflected in his upbringing: he spent his childhood summers traveling to and from Lebanon, where his parents are from, to see family. Because of this, he had to learn how to balance two cultural perspectives early on. As a graduate of Texas A&M University at Galveston, his ambition leads him all over the world.

In 2021, as a Maritime Business Administration major, Feghali participated in the study abroad program in Denmark at Copenhagen Business School, where he felt an immediate connection to the people, culture and environment. While studying at CBS, he took a course on strategic maritime digitalization. This class piqued his interest in applying digitization and technology to the maritime sector. He wanted to learn how a company could make better, more strategic, and more transparent decisions using technology.

Recent Graduate Anthony Feghali looks out at the ocean during his international travels in Denmark.   Anthony Feghali poses during his international travels in Denmark.

This interest was put into practice when Feghali interned for the maritime communication technology company, Voyager. The company prides itself on its response to communications challenges in the maritime industry, and the digital component allowed Feghali to have hands-on experience with cybersecurity, his minor area of study. 

Feghali stayed busy as a student, also working in the Office of Student Counseling on campus, and said that his experience with the professional staff in that department will be what he misses most about Texas A&M at Galveston.

Feghali graduated on December 16th, and he will soon take the knowledge and experience he gained during his time at Texas A&M at Galveston to start a new chapter working for Clipper Bulk in Houston, first recommended to him by a friend from his time in Denmark. He was offered and accepted this position before graduation, and is excited to bring his experience in the digital sphere to a more traditional shipping company. He will be part of the company’s shipping and training program for two years while he shadows operations and chartering in the Houston branch. Feghali is particularly excited for this role, as it allows him to return to Copenhagen, where the company is headquartered, on a regular basis. Clipper Bulk also has a location in Hong Kong.

At graduation, Feghali challenged his peers to get “comfortable with the uncomfortable, find the beauty in growth, and embrace [their] changes.” Good luck to Anthony in his new role, and congratulations to the graduating class of 2022!


Media contact:
Taylor Bounds, Content Specialist

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