Condense Long-winded Expressions

Wordy phrases interfere with smooth reading and detract from the meaning of a sentence or passage. This is particularly true when used to open a sentence.

Avoid theseUse these instead
as well as and
on the occasion of when
at this point in time now
it is obvious that obviously
on an everyday basis daily
with respect/regard to for
as a matter of fact actually
in the event that if
in light of the fact that since
regardless of the fact that although
on the grounds that because

Avoid converted verbs

Converting verbs to nouns, like changing “I know” to “I have a knowledge of” is wordy and pompous. Converting verbs to nouns by adding “ation” weakens both. A victim may have been victimized, but it is wordy and unclear to say “she suffered from victimization.”

Don't turn these –into these
victimize victimization
prioritize prioritization
knowledge knowledgeableness
customize customization
connect connectivity

Streamline verb phrases

Verb phrases contain unnecessary clutter, detracting from the message of the sentence.

Avoid theseUse these
give consideration to consider
make acknowledgment of acknowledge
have doubts about doubt
is reflective of reflects
put the emphasis on emphasize

Writer’s tip:

If you write to impress your professor, you won’t! Your professor will be impressed if you present complex information clearly and logically. He or she will not be impressed by having to wade through several pages of ponderous empty words or having to puzzle out what you are trying to say. To impress your professor, present solid information, well supported in a clear, logical text. Tell your story in clear understandable language.