MASE 336

Flow Measurements Lab

Prepared by TAMUG Writing Lab

Notes for Students

A few of Dr. Wood's expectations:

Students should be encouraged to find more background information than what is in their lab manual. They may not have time to find peer-reviewed literature to provide background to each experiment, but they should at least provide some information from their lecture or textbook.

This section does not have to be in narrative form. It can be a numbered or bulleted list, but it can NOT be a reproduction of what is in the lab manual. It must refer to what the
students actually performed in the lab, which sometimes deviates from the lab manual.

Results & Discussion:
It is not sufficient to only put a table of numbers into this section. There must be a narrative, discussing the results of the experiment. All tables and figures presented in this
section must be referred to in the narrative portion.
NOTE: it is best to have the text surrounding the box of results in the results and discussion

Questions for Further Discussion:
Every lab has questions that must be answered in the R&D section. Dr. Wood wants the students to present the questions in the following format:

 1) Type the question?  Then, type the answer.

Figures and Tables:
If they are presented in a section, they must be referred to in that section. If they are a compilation of raw data, and not appropriate to be referred to in the section, the student
should put them in an appendix. Dr. Wood wants the titles to be located BENEATH the figures, and ABOVE the tables for ease of grading. Students should label all axis and include units of measurement.

Tense/Citations/Point of View:
Citations should be in APA format. The introduction should be in present tense, since it is referring to the present body of knowledge (“These things are currently known about the
center of gravity”). The procedures and results should be in past tense (“We performed these procedures, and we found these results”). They will be in first person/active voice.


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