This page and the subsequent sub-pages will be dedicated to the technical disciplines at TAMUG: MASE, and MARE

The guidelines presented here are based on standard writing practices and specific courses at Texas A&M University at Galveston. If any of the material presented here contradicts the requirements presented by your professor or editor, follow the guideline that they request.

Your professor is always the final authority.


Writing for Engineers Handbook


Individual Course Information


Writing Intensive Courses

MASE 406 Capstone I

MASE 407 Capstone II

MARE 451 Senior Design I

MARE 452 Senior Design II

MARE 405/MASE 319 Naval Architecture

MASE 489 Port and Harbor Engineering.htm


Other Courses

MASE 336 Flow Measurements Lab

CVEN 365 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering

MARE 305 Fluid Mechanics Theory