Staff Emergency Fund Information    

The Texas A&M University Staff Council has been operating our Staff Emergency Fund (SEF) for one calendar year now and relies solely on donations.

The SEF was created to help members of the Aggie Family in need and provides limited financial assistance – up to $500 – to staff members of Texas A&M University who are experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event. Including but not limited to: death of a family member, natural disaster, serious illness/critical injury. To date, the SEF has provided over $9,000 in financial assistance.

As we learned this past year, one significant weather related event can deplete our funds substantially. Setting up a monthly payroll deduction of even the minimum $5 would help our fund become more sustainable so we may continue to help fellow staff members in need. By supporting the SEF, you can help make a difference when help is needed most.

For more information about the fund, please visit our web site at USC - Staff Emergency Fund. You can either donate with a monthly payroll deduction, a one-time online donation, or by a check made payable to the “Texas A&M Foundation”, indicating on the memo line “Staff Emergency Fund (05-73738)”.

We greatly appreciate your support. Any questions about the fund may be sent to