Employee of the Year - 2018    

Bob Scribner

Bob Scribner, IT Professional II, from Information Services has won Employee of the Year for FY2018.

Bob was nominated by several of his coworkers:

"Bob's role on this campus isn't just in IT. He listens to our needs and is a sounding board, providing guidance on a University level, providing insight on this campus, and has offered advice on numerous occasions. Bob is supportive, accommodating, and has helped guide some of our internal policies and directives. He embodies the Aggie spirit!"

"I'm a techno wimp and am constantly bugging Bob...Never once has he given me any indication that my questions were annoying or a waste of his time. He has gone out of his way on numerous occasions to explain processes."

"Bob has made our internal IT needs become more efficient and streamlined and provided training when we needed it. He has gotten our new faculty and staff up and running, not just with their IT needs but also with them adjusting quickly to their new posts and the different opportunities on the campus".