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The Texas A&M University at Galveston's Staff Council’s (TSC) mission is to represent the interests of and the issues impacting staff employees and to develop and support educational and morale-building programs on the Texas A&M University-Galveston campus.

Constitution and Bylaws


The Council is established to represent all full-time, benefits eligible, budgeted, staff (non-faculty) employees, hereafter referred to as Staff. The Council will serve as a deliberative and advisory body to the VP of Texas A&M University at Galveston (or designee) on matters of significant interest and importance to those it represents. The Council will provide a forum through which Staff can raise concerns, discuss and provide input on issues and make recommendations on current non-academic policies and procedures. The Council will also serve to research possible solutions to issues and facilitate communication on behalf of and among Staff.

The TAMUG Staff Council will not act in an advocacy role in any specific employee/employer policy matter or dispute within the University, nor will it assume the role of arbitrator in any such matter.

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