Tutuila Mountaintop Archaeology Project:
The Chronology of Mountain Residential
Sites in American Samoa

A project of the Texas A&M University at Galveston
Maritime Studies Program

Dr. Frederic B. Pearl, Principal Investigator

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In 2004, archaeologists from Texas A&M University undertook a single-season exploration of mountain residential sites in American Samoa, in order to determine their age. Three large abandoned mountain residential sites were selected for inclusion in the study. Seven radiocarbon dates were obtained, four of which ostensibly date the period of initial construction of the settlements. A chi-square of these reveal that they are statistically identical at the 95% confidence interval. The pooled mean conventional age is 68020 B.P. When calibrated, this suggests that mountain settlement began in Tutuila between 1270-1310 A.D., representing a major shift in settlement patterns.

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