Who is eligible for Howdy Week & SALT Camp?

Howdy Week & SALT Camp are open to all newly accepted students (freshmen and transfer) entering TAMUG in the fall semester.  All Howdy Week and SALT Camp fees are being covered by your New Student Conference fees.  As a new student, you will select one Howdy Week/SALT Camp session.  Both Howdy Week and SALT Camp activities will be combined in this 3-day program.  

What goes on a Howdy Week?

Howdy Week is a great opportunity for you to start building your connections and resources not only with your fellow Aggies but also with staff and faculty from departments around campus. You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions, presentations and activities with many of our campus partners. They will speak on topics that you can use to get your journey off on the right foot! Our student leaders will be on hand as well to start great discussions and guide you through the week.

What goes on at SALT Camp?

At SALT Camp you'll learn from present students  what TAMUG is all about. Students are introduced to their new "Aggie family" and get a chance to learn and participate in Aggie traditions. SALT Camp is also about having fun and meeting new people. Don't be surprised if the friends you make at SALT Camp last you a lifetime!

When is Howdy Week and SALT Camp?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we will be offering 4 sessions of Howdy Week & SALT Camp in a combined schedule of activities.  Please read the information below to determine which camp is the best for you.  Howdy Week and SALT Camp sessions are limited to 110 students per session, so please don't delay in registering for camp.

Due to Howdy Week activities filling three full days, you will want to plan for travel the day prior to Howdy Week beginning and the day after your Howdy Week ends.  

Howdy Week #1 & SALT Camp Hark: July 28-30
Howdy Week #2 & SALT Camp Boudreaux: August 4-6
Howdy Week #3 & SALT Camp Ball: August 10-12
Howdy Week #4 & SALT Camp Kemp: August 15-17

If you will be participating in the Maritime Academy Orientation Week, you must register for a camp that does not conflict with your orientation week. You should have received an email from CDR VanVelzen (Commandant of the Corps of Cadets) with your Battalion assignment.  If you do not know your Battalion, please contact Buzz Refugio ( in Campus Living and Learning prior to registering for Howdy Week. 

Battalion 1 O-Week will conflict with Howdy Week 3.
Battalion 2 O-Week will conflict with Howdy Week 4.

Terry Scholars will have a virtual orientation on August 10th, which will conflict with Howdy Week 3.

Where is Howdy Week and SALT Camp held?

This year, Howdy Week and SALT Camp will be held on the Texas A&M University at Galveston campus.  There will be a virtual option offered for those who cannot attend face to face.

How much does it cost?

This year's Howdy Week and SALT Camp activities (including lodging and meals) are being covered by student New Student Conference fees and generous support by the Association of Former Students.

What should I bring?

You will be able to move all of your belongings into your fall residence hall room.  At a minimum, you'll want to bring casual clothes for three days, a sleeping bag/ bed linens, toiletries, bugspray, and comfortable shoes. You also might want to bring rain gear just in case.

Register for Virtual Howdy Week & SALT Camp 2020! 


Contact Us:

SALT Camp Phone Number: 409.740.4969
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Howdy Week Phone Number:
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If you need to change your Howdy Week dates, please contact SALT Camp.



Director Whoop



Welcome to S.A.L.T. Camp

In the fall of 1994, a group of 30 TAMUG students took 90 new Aggies to a camp in Trinity, TX. Their goals were to ease the tough transition into college, but more importantly to teach them what it means to be an Aggie. Neither group knew what to expect from the two days in the woods, but the results speak for themselves. Many lifetime friendships and strong Aggie traditions have since found a place here at TAMUG.  

Camp Namesakes

2009: Shelly Fordyce '99
2010: Belinda Gaddis
2011: Deb Maceo & Jan Baldwin '80 
2012: Ken Bailey & Dr. Sammy Ray
2013: Dr. Darren Domsky & Dr. Tom Iliffe
2014: Amie Hufton '02 & Dr. Patrick Louchouarn
2015: David Lawhon & Alex Crouse
2016: Dr. Todd Sutherland '90 & Dr. Matthew Carroll
2017: Dr. Donna Lang '88 & Dr. Stephen Curley
2018: Col. Mike Fossum '80 & Mr. Tom Fitzhugh '71
2019: Ms. Daisy McCloud & Mr. Joe Knox