Our office works with researchers in diverse aspects of proposal preparation, from the identification of potential funding sources to proposal submission.

Funding Opportunities    

Our office works with researchers to identify funding opportunities. We also work with Texas A&M University's Vice President of Research office to identify and distribute international programs (e.g. CONACYT), limited submissions, and other sources of funding including those from foundations and industry.

More resources on potential funding opportunities can be found at:

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Proposal Preparation    

We work with researchers in different areas of proposal preparation, including:

  • Comment on proposal drafts in diverse areas from a generalist and funding agency perspective.
  • Assist researchers with interdisciplinary proposal development, including definition of strategies, team building and developing complex narratives.
  • We work with Research Development Services ( for professional development, including seminars and workshops for proposal preparation.
  • Coordinate services and connect researchers with other campuses as needed.

We encourage researchers to contact our office in advance for advice on proposal development.

Patty Gonzalez

Director of Research OperationsResearch and Graduate Studies OfficeTexas A&M University at 740 4748 

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Budget Preparation    

Our office provides researchers with advice on budget preparation for their proposals.  We encourage them to contact us in advance (two to four weeks) in order to assist.

As soon as you determine that you are submitting a proposal, send the proposal announcement and draft budget to:

Justin Allison

Senior Proposal Administrator
Sponsored Research Services
Texas A&M University, College Station
(979) 847-6101


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Cost Sharing    


Cost sharing, or matching funds, is the portion of a project or program that is paid by the University and not covered by the sponsor. Cost sharing represents a commitment by the University and should be accurate and legally reported by the University accounting system, having a significant financial impact on the department providing the funds, and on the University as a whole. Once the award is made, all cost share commitments are considered to be mandatory and as such represent binding obligations of the University.

In some cases, cost sharing is required by sponsors. The University may agree to provide cost sharing on a voluntary basis; this will be considered on a case by case basis, and with permission from our office in advance.

In any case, cost sharing commitments must be pre-approved by the University. If the cost sharing is significant (>$50,000), at least 4-6 weeks advanced notice (prior to submission of proposal) must be provided to our office to confirm the university can meet this obligation to the sponsor.

Texas A&M University System Policy 15.01.05

Standard Administrative Procedure

Frequently items that are accepted by Texas A&M University as cost-sharing are:

  • Researchers time and effort.
  • Research Service Facilities (established service centers with published fees).
  • Waived or reduced Facilities and Administration.

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Facilities and Administration (F&A)    

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rate, also called Indirect Cost or Overhead, is the rate established by the University and charged to all sponsored federal, state and industry projects.  Currently, the F&A for TAMUG is established at 48.5% (on-campus) and 26% (off campus).  As of 09/01/2019, the on-campus rate will increase to 50.0% and 51.5% by 09/01/2020.  The only time this rate is not charged is when the sponsor explicitly disallows it (requires University approval).

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