Places to Paddle In and Around Houston

The following locations in and around Houston are bodies of water that have been paddled by Houston Canoe Club canoeists and kayakers. They are all within 50 miles of the city. Houston Canoe Club members have found these to be enjoyable trips on the days and under the conditions we paddled. We recommend them to you as possibilities only and can not guarantee conditions or safety . We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did.

  Armand Bayou   Green's Bayou
  Buffalo Bayou   Highland Bayou
  Cedar Bayou   Lake Charlotte
  Champion Lake   Lake Woodlands
  Chocolate Bayou  Old River
  Clear Creek  Sheldon Reservoir  
  Cotton Lake  Sims Bayou
  Cypress Creek  Spring Creek
  Double Bayou  Turtle Bayou

Ann and Barry's List  This is an alternate list of places to paddle around Houston, from Ann and Barry Bennick

Another nice listing of places to paddle around Houston is at the Bayou Preservation Association web site.  Click on "Paddle Trails" and you will see more sites.

If you have questions about these places, please contact the HCC Paddling Directory creator . I hope to be continually developing this site, your recommendations and suggestions are solicited.