Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions related to NSC's. We hope you find them useful. If you still have a question that is unanswered please feel free to contact Shelly Fordyce at

When will I take my Math Placement Exam?

Galveston majors: Science and engineering students will have a proctored online Math Placement Exam while all other students will take the unproctored Math Placement Exam online through Howdy before their new student conference.

Please visit the TAMUG MPE website for further information, including how to register for your MPE:  

General Engineering students through College Station (ENGE majors) will receive MPE directions to their TAMU email from the College of Engineering once they have registered for their NSC.

When will I meet with my advisor? 

Galveston Majors:
Students have an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and receive priority registration prior to their NSC! Advisors from Center for Academic Learning Support (CALS) will reach out to all students registered for a NSC with the steps needed in order to meet with an advisor. Please continue to check your university email for updates from CALS!

ENGE Students:
Students will be meeting with academic advisors and registering for classes on Day 2 of their NSC. 

Is it mandatory that I attend a student conference?

  • Yes. All new undergraduate students are required to attend a New Student Conference in order to complete enrollment at Texas A&M University (not required for Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Re-Admits, or change of curriculum students from Texas A&M College Station). Registration for your conference costs $225 (non-refundable) for freshmen and $153 (non-refundable) for transfer students. Texas A&M University is committed to the orientation and academic transition of each new student. A new student will receive academic advisement, an opportunity to learn and sign up for different university services and register for classes at their New Student Conference. Failing to attend a conference will prohibit you from registering for classes and attending Texas A&M University. Those who do not attend a New Student Conference forfeit their admission to TAMUG and must reapply for a future term.

I am a Post-Baccalaureate/Re-Admit/Change of Curriculum student from Texas A&M Galveston. Do I need to attend a New Student Conference?

  • No. The New Student Conference is only mandatory for new undergraduate students and is not required for Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Re-Admits, or Change of Curriculum students from Texas A&M College Station. However you are welcome to do so, please contact us so we can register you.

As a student, can I register for a conference online and pay later?

  • Some students will be eligible for an NSC fee deferral if they utilized an application fee waiver. If a deferral is selected as a payment method, it means the student will be billed for the $225/153 non-refundable conference fee at the beginning of their first semester.

  • Unless you were able to use an application fee deferral, you are not able to reserve a space in a New Student Conference without payment. If you qualify for this option, it will appear automatically.

If I register for my New Student Conference, am I bound to attend Texas A&M University?

  • We interpret registration in a New Student Conference as a confirmation that you will be attending Texas A&M. If you decide not to attend after registering for a conference, please withdraw your application via the Howdy portal. Your conference fee is, however, non-refundable.

Can I change my conference date?

  • You are required to attend the conference date for which you are registered. Students are not allowed to participate in a conference they are not registered for  in advance. You can change your conference date as long as dates are available on the NSC registration website, accessible through the Applicant Information System (AIS) at As conferences are filled, they are removed from the site and are no longer available due to capacity limits.

  • Students will not be forced into conferences to accommodate changes in their personal schedule due to work conflicts or travel. Appeals to change into a restricted or full conference are only granted for military orders, medical emergencies or extreme extenuating circumstances which students can substantiate with written documentation.

What if I want to change my major?


  • Admitted Freshman students may request a change of major via the Howdy Portalthrough May 1, after which requests can only be made at the conference. Under the “Applicant” tab, select “Manage Applications.” Some colleges and majors have enrollment limits and will not accept a change of major once filled. Students may choose from only those colleges and majors with space available at the time of request.

  • Please be aware that a change of major is never guaranteed and majors can fill up prior to processing your request. A change of major may mean a change in your NSC date; therefore, verify that your new college is participating in the NSC in which you are currently registered. If not, you must reschedule your conference.

  • Feel free to direct any questions concerning change of majors to the Office of Admissions using the ‘Contact Us’ link on the Applicant Information System.

Transfer Students

  • Transfer students are reviewed for and admitted to a specific major. Changes of major will not be considered for at least one full semester. Many departments and colleges have grade point and course requirements, that must be satisfied to be eligible for a change of major. For change of major requirements, see

  • Your course registration at your New Student Conference will be limited to the degree program to which you have been admitted. For more information, please contact your specific academic college.

What if I want an NSC date that isn’t available?

  • Once conferences are full, those dates will no longer appear on the registration website and they will no longer be available due to seating capacity limits and fire safety regulations.  It is very common for students to change conferences, so keep an eye on your preferred date and an opening might come available.

  • Appeals to change a conference date are granted for military orders, medical emergencies or other extenuating circumstances that students can substantiate with written documentation.  Please contact us if you think you may qualify.

Steps to Change an NSC Registration Date:

  1. Log on to the Applicant Information System (AIS) using your NetID and Password.

  2. Click the “For More Information” link under Step 5 of Your Application Status in AIS.

  3. When the New Student Conference Registration website appears, click the “Reschedule” link at the bottom of the webpage.  All available conference dates will appear on the screen.

  4. Choose a date and select “Submit.” A revised confirmation page will appear with updated information concerning your registration.  Print this document for your records.  If the date you desire is not available, check back frequently, as availability is updated in “real time.”

Note:  As the deadline approaches for NSC registration, space in conferences will be limited.

Who do I contact with questions about AP scores?

  • For questions regarding scoring or how courses will apply to your degree plan, please contact your academic advisor. If you took an Advanced Placement test in May, scores will not be received by Texas A&M University until mid-July. Students should only accept AP credit after consulting with their academic advisor, which you can do during Day 2 of your NSC.