Given the current situation with COVID-19, we are currently working on plans for TAMU Galveston New Student Conferences. Notifications will be sent through university email as plans are made

Register for Your Conference

Registration for you conference will provide you access to the necessary online materials as well as include your registration for New Aggie Week. This program is mandatory for all new students. If you feel you should be excused from this activity please contact us. New Aggie Week will begin on August 16, 2020 and conclude on August 22, 2020 with a Convocation that afternoon that family members and guests are invited to attend.

Here are the scheduled dates for 2020:


Fall 2020 Admission

June 2: Freshman New Student Conference (all Galveston majors)

June 9: Freshman College of Engineering Conference (NOT Galveston Marine Engineering Technology majors)

June 11: Freshman New Student Conference (all Galveston majors)

June 16: Freshman New Student Conference (all Galveston majors)

June 23: Freshman College of Engineering Conference (NOT Galveston Marine Engineering Technology majors)

June 29: Galveston Gateway Program New Student Conference (Students in Galveston Gateway MUST attend this conference)

 August 10: Galveston majors and College of Engineering Transfer New Student Conference***

August 12-13: Transfer students and Traditional Freshmen*

***- Determination as to whether these dates will take place online or in-person has yet to be decided.

Which conference should you attend?

All students admitted as freshmen must attend a Freshman New Student Conference. If you have been admitted to the Galveston Gateway Program for Summer 2020, you must attend the one day conference on June 29th.

Students admitted as a Transfer student toTexas A&M University at Galveston have the option of attending a one-day Transfer NSC or the  Freshman NSC. If you are a traditional college student who has never attended a university, you may wish to choose the more in-depth Freshman NSC.  In order to register for the freshman conference, as a Transfer admit, you will need to contact the Enrollment Services office.

Register for your New Student Conference

Are you an international student?

Make sure you complete the additional requirements prior to attending your conference. Contact Danny Roe at prior to your NSC to complete the required online orientation and check-in.