U.S. Navy depends on Texas A&M Galveston graduate’s forecasts    

For Texas A&M University at Galveston graduate Angela Lefler the weather is much more important than what to wear on a windy day.  The U.S. Navy depends on her forecasts to plan ship operations and to keep the nation’s sailors and ships safe during all seasons in all locations of the world.  Her current command is with the Naval Oceanography Mine Warfare Center where she is the Executive Officer and recently selected to be promoted to Commander.

Angela Lefler

The day Lefler graduated from Texas A&M Galveston in May of 2003 she was commissioned into the U.S. Navy after being in the ROTC program at the university for three years.  “My education enriched me in in so many ways far beyond the actual awarding of a degree,” said Lefler.  She received a degree in Maritime Administration and now she forecasts the weather for the Navy.

Immediately after graduation she reported aboard a ship in Mayport, Florida to her first command.  “As a commissioned officer I was expected to bring a unique set of skills that comes with the title.  Even though I was just a lowly Ensign, I was expected to have top-notch analytical-thinking and problem-solving skills.  My education prepared me for the Navy and in being a good naval officer.  That is largely because of the early exposure to leadership,” said Lefler.

Besides ROTC in the Corps of Cadets, she was also involved in the Student Senate and was a Resident Advisor.  “My experiences in Galveston set me up for success – how to think outside the box; how to be creative in achieving major milestones but with very limited resources; how to challenge and motivate junior personnel, even when dealing with less-than-ideal tasking.”

Reflecting back on her time in Galveston, she especially appreciated the smaller student body and close knit group of fellow students.  “This sense of closeness and camaraderie almost perfectly mirrors the atmosphere aboard the ship of a well-led crew.”

Lefler feels her experience at Texas A&M Galveston educated her on how to channel her drive and energy in a productive and influential way.  “I'm very thankful that I reached outside my comfort zone and pushed myself to be involved in several unique college opportunities, that at the time I would not have guessed would have such an impact on my future.  They were key in developing my leadership style that I continue to rely on – even as I strive to constantly improve.”

Lefler will be promoted to the rank of Commander later this year.