Symposium Winners    

The TAMUG student symposium attracted 62 poster presentations. Largest number yet. Below is a list of award winners in the various poster categories as well as students awarded various TIO, RAC and other scholarships. Of note, Josh Williams was awarded the Erma Lee and Luke Mooney Doctoral Research Award. We don’t give these out every year, only when we get worthy nominations.

In addition,

(1)  We had 6 students from TAMU Qatar participate in the symposium along with the other engineering students. This appeared to be a great success for all.

(2)  We have the folks from the UGRS program – Duncan McKenzie and Tammis – participate in the symposium by judging (Duncan) and by giving two talks on the program for interested students.

Category Winners for Graduates:

Marine Sciences:

3rd Place – Kirsten Stokes

2nd Place – Brandon Hill

1st Place – Rachel Windham

Marine Biology:

3rd Place – Paul Olivier & Russell Andrews

2nd Place – David Moulton & Michael Dance

1st Place – Erin Mattson


3rd Place – Mohammad Almukaimi

2nd Place – It’s a tie! Tariq Alrushaid & Fahad Al Senafi

1st Place – Maria Cañedo

Maritime Systems Engineering:

1st Place – Shu Dai


Category Winners for Undergraduates:

Marine Sciences:

3rd Place – Amanda Sterne

2nd Place – Lindsay Breedlove

1st Place – Tyler Winkler

Marine Biology:

3rd Place – Iris Cato & Katie Gillis

2nd Place – Morgan Beaver & Russell Grandbois

1st Place – Jeffrey Plumlee

Maritime Systems Engineering:

3rd Place – Ryan Pedersen

2nd Place – Shelby Hardy & Roy Buxton

1st Place – Brad Burrows, Dustin Andrews, & Chris Micklitz

Marine Engineering Technology:

3rd Place – Alan Sinclair, Megan Ekstrom, Mark Kachelmyer, & John Warren III

2nd Place – Matthew Stall

1st Place – Tim Axelsson, Brannon Niblock, Peter Rose, & Eric Blanchard

Maritime Studies:

2nd Place – Melissa Munguia & Amber Beasley

1st Place – Mary-Anne Churu

Ocean & Coastal Resources Management:

1st Place – Lisa Hill


Overall Winners for Graduates:

Symposium winners

Overall 3rd Place Graduate – Erin Mattson (MARB)

Overall 2nd Place Graduate – Rachel Windham (MARS)

Overall 1st Place Graduate – Maria Cañedo (OCNG)

Symposium winners


Overall Winner for Undergraduates:

Symposium winners

Overall 3rd Place Undergraduate – Brad Burrows, Dustin Andrews, & Chris Micklitz (MASE)

Overall 2nd Place Undergraduate – Jeffrey Plumlee (MARB)

Overall 1st Place Undergraduate – Tyler Winkler (MARS)

Symposium winners


People’s Choice Awards:

2015 Graduate People’s Choice Award – Tariq Alrushaid

2015 Undergraduate People’s Choice Award – Kai Urushihara, Colin Carter, Thomas Iven, & Matthew Stall


Recognition of:

Summer Graduate & Undergraduate Research Fellows:

Jake Emmert

Anne Henske

Sarah Piwetz

Alicia Shepard

Paul Laverty

Ren Shirai

Erin Mattson

Amanda Sterne

Allison Norris

Tyler Winkler

Dara Orbach


TIO & RAC Undergraduate Research Fellows:

Morgan Beaver

Josh Carter

Jeffrey Plumlee

Allissa Rodriguez

Fabiola Maryan Cases

Benjamin Valentine

Daniela Perrigo

Tyler Winkler


Erma Lee and Luke Mooney Travel Awards:

Joshua Anklam

Tom TinHan

Ayada Asada

Fahad Al Senafi

Maelle Cornic

Cliff Ghoram

Josh Cullen

Craig Harter

Michael Dance

Yui Matsumoto

Kevin Frost

Allison Myers-Pigg

Russell Grandbois

Matt Norwood

Veronica Quesnell

Annie Tamalavage

Jonathan Rogers

Kevin Warner


Erma Lee and Luke Mooney Research Awards:

Doctoral’s Recipient – Josh Williams