TAMUG restricts smoking and tobacco use on campus.     

This Texas A&M University rule regarding smoking and tobacco use on campus (University Rule 34.05.99.M1) applies to Texas A&M University at Galveston and has been modified to be more comprehensive in safe-guarding the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Specifically, the rule now prohibits use of such substances in all areas “Immediately adjacent” to buildings and other campus structures.

The University has had a long-standing policy prohibiting smoking and other tobacco use inside office and classroom buildings, dormitories and other residential areas and at athletic facilities.  The new modification expands the prohibited smoking areas to include sidewalks, parking lots, walkways and attached parking structures immediately adjacent to all such buildings and facilities.  The newly modified rule also applies to all vehicles owned, leased or rented by the University.

The changes are the result of a thoughtful decision-making process based on well-documented evidence that use of tobacco products pose significant health risks.  Those health risks extend to non-users of such products as well as to users.

The safety and health of our students, faculty and staff, as well as that of our visitors, are always of the foremost concern in making decisions about campus operations.  Thus, we feel it highly appropriate that we take this additional step.

Any questions regarding the new rule should be directed to University Risk and Compliance: http://urc.tamu.edu.

Tobacco users are pointed to one of the identified, authorized smoking locations around campus (click here for map).  Each area includes seating and an ashtray.

Tobacco use aboard the training ship is not permitted when the vessel is dockside.  The Master of the training ship has the authority to identify appropriate times and places for tobacco use when the ship is at sea.

This change is not being made without the understanding that the cessation of these behaviors can be extremely difficult.  For faculty and staff, Galveston Human Resources has compiled a list of cessation resources which can be found by clicking here.  I strongly encourage students to visit Counseling and Career Services for available resources.


Robert Smith III
TAMUG President and CEO