Texas A&M University's First Lady pays a visit to the TAMUG campus.    

By Cathy Cashio-Bertrand - November 19, 2012

Democracies have their presidents. Monarchies have their kings and queens, but Texas A&M University has a royal presence that’s the envy of many. Her name is Reveille. Known as the First Lady of Texas A&M University, she is the highest ranking cadet of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. More than a mascot, Reveille is cherished as “Queen of Hearts” for generations of Texas A&M students.

Recently, Ms. Reveille, which is her official title, made her annual appearance in Galveston to meet and greet her many fans and followers on the TAMUG campus. She was accompanied by two of her faithful protectors, Cadets Jordon McWilliams and Daylon Koster. They are among 17 Texas A&M University E2 Company Corps of Cadet members. Because they were recognized as freshman for loyalty to tradition, they were honored as sophomores with the task of caring for Ms. Reveille.

While in Galveston, Cadet Jordon McWilliams, who is known as “mascot corporal”, introduced TAMUG students, staff and faculty to Ms. Reveille and spoke about her pedigree.

“She’s from a long line of A&M First Ladies going back to 1931,” McWilliams said. “That’s when the Texas A&M all-male military college adopted her after she followed them during exercises,” he said.

McWilliams said the first Ms. Reveille was a small black dog, but the next Ms. Reveille was a Shepherd Sheep Dog that had been donated to the Corps. He said since then, the first ladies have been female American Collies.

As the cadets continued to tell the TAMUG crowd about Ms. Reveille’s history, they used white-gloved signals to help her “strike a pose”. And, in front of the palm tree lined sidewalks, McWilliams proudly pointed to the first lady’s collar and said, “See, she’s the eighth Reveille.”

As her protectors continued to laud Ms. Reveille’s role as ambassador and holder of traditions, her many admirers gathered around, poised to take photos with the first lady. Two TAMUG students who were part of Ms. Reveille’s entourage commented about her visit.

TAMUG Yell Leader Kyle Lonquist, said he’s had the pleasure of honoring Ms. Reveille during her last two visits to the TAMUG campus.

“She brings everyone together,” he said. “Everyone loves Ms. Reveille. We took her on a golf cart tour of the campus, and she also got to tour the General Rudder (Texas Maritime Academy Training Vessel). She’s been with us all day, and will be here for Midnight Yell.”

Taylor Farrell, co-chair of the Traditions Council and member of the class of 2015, said these annual appearances are meaningful.

“Everyone in College Station gets to see her on a day-to-day basis.” Farrell said. “Here, this is rare and special. I feel like I’ve met a celebrity. She’s a part of a very special tradition.”

For more about Ms. Reveille, go to: https://www.tamu.edu/traditions/aggie-culture/reveille/