TAMUG is proud to offer the Master in Maritime Administration and Logistics degree    

November 3, 2011

Sea Cor MasterOpportunities abound

Maritime Administration prepares graduates for administrative work in marine and maritime industries and/or governmental organizations involved in coastal, marine and maritime activities. Opportunities for those with an MMAL degree are broad and diverse. The degree may enrich expertise in careers of professionals currently involved in coastal zone, inland waterways and coastal shipping, international trade and financial transactions related to port/supply chain management and public policy. Or, the degree may offer an opportunity for a new career.

Course flexibility

The MMAL curriculum provides economic, finance, business analysis and management courses. Students can choose one of two tracks: Maritime Policy and Law and Shipping and Port Management. Students also have the flexibility to choose electives that complement these two tracks.

Requirements for graduation

The MMAL program is a 36-hour degree. Twenty-one required hours constitute the core program. According to their particular professional interests, fifteen additional hours are taken by students as electives in either thesis or non-thesis format.


Applicants must be familiar with basic accounting, finance, intermediate statistics, microeconomics and essential elements of management process. Students who are not familiar with the contents of these courses can consult the undergraduate curricula in Maritime Administration at https://www.tamug.edu/catalog. For more information about the MMAL degree, go to https://www.tamug.edu/grad