Sam Salvato – 1975 TAMUG graduate – honored with "Bugle Call" at Sept. 11 Aggie Football game    

September 16, 2010

The Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation saluted Sam J. Salvato, a 1975 graduate of Texas A&M University at Galveston, in the "Bugle Call" at the Aggie - Louisiana Tech football game at Kyle Flied on Sept. 11.

After earning his degree in Marine Engineering, Salvato went on to a distinguished career working with insurance claims and risk management issues in the oil and gas industry.

Salvato is an excellent fit for the Bugle Call, which -- according to the 12th Man Foundation -- is the celebration of an Aggie fan with "extraordinary" Aggie Spirit.

Sgt. Daniel Salvato, U.S. Army, sent the letter nominating his father for the Bugle Call on April 16, 2010, during his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

In his letter of nomination, Daniel Salvato stated that his father "...has instilled a tradition of everything Aggie in his family and more notably his grandchildren."

Salvato's son and grandson, Aaron, (and approximately 78,000 cheering Aggie fans) were at his side at the Patriots Day game during the Bugle Call presentation.

 [Click below to see the Salvato Bugle Call]