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Meet Your 2019 Yell Leader Candidates

Junior Candidates

Cade Ingram

Hometown: Conroe, TX

Major: Ocean and Costal Resources

Traditions Test Score: 42

“Silver Taps is my favorite solemn tradition because of the respect and honor the student body shows to their fellow students and faculty after their passing. To be together with the family and other students in remembrance, is one of the largest demonstrations of Aggie unity that my heart has ever felt. My first time at a Silver Taps as a freshman was something I could never forget, never before had I felt such a serious connection to the students around me. I feel honored to say that I was so moved by the ceremony that I have since that day volunteered to light the path for every Silver Taps that has happened here at TAMUG.”

Vivian Guilfoyle

Hometown: Oakdale, MN

Major: Marine Biology & Marine Fisheries

Traditions Test Score: N/A

“Aggie Muster is my favorite tradition here at Texas A&M because of the promotion of Family. The ceremony honors every Aggie who has passed within the last year, young and old, and blends the lines of old army with the new army. This tradition is very solemn and yet instills the sense of pride, honor, and unity amongst the fallen Aggie and their family and encompasses them into the Aggie Spirit. It is because of this tradition that I chose to join the Aggie Family and believe that being a candle lighter at the ceremony is one of the most prestigious honors to be a part of here at Texas A&M.”

Ryan Meriwether

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Major: Marine Transportation

Traditions Test Score: 50

“My favorite tradition is the Aggie Ring. An instantaneous brother and sisterhood for every Aggie throughout the world is formed. The Aggie Ring also resembles carrying a piece of spirit and pride of Aggieland with you. I hold the tradition of the Aggie Ring so dearly due to the transition it creates from a student to a former student. The most symbolic part on the Aggie Ring to me is the five stars on the shield; mind, body, spiritual attainment, emotional

Beth Trumm

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Major: Marine Biology, License Option

Traditions Test Score: 35

“My favorite Aggie tradition is a somber one. I like the values of remembrance and respect Silver Taps and its counterpart Aggie Muster embody. Silver Taps became special due to my heavy involvement in the ceremony my freshman year, helping fire the 21 gun salute.”

Jon Kinsky

Hometown: League City, TX

Major: Maritime Engineering

Traditions Test Score: 17

“Aggie Muster. Although it may bring sorrow and isn’t the happiest of traditions, I believe it’s the deepest, most respectful one, and it resembles the truth about aggies and their humbleness and true care for others; that being even though they might have graduated even 30-40 years ago, they will always be remembered and have others praying and holding onto their spirit.”

Breidon Johnson

Hometown: Jasper, TX

Major: Marine Biology & Marine Fisheries

Traditions Test Score: 73

“Saw 'Em Off because it represents two amazing things in our school's culture. It represents our historic rivalry with t.u. and how bad we want to beat them in everything and it also represents unity throughout the entire university. When the war hymn plays, it doesn't matter if you know the person next to you or not, you're going to put your arm around them and your left foot over their right foot, because no Aggie gets left behind, and saw varsity's horns off together. You can't go anywhere else in the world and see something so moving that displays such unity with an entire group of people on a normal basis.”

Senior Candidates

Jacob Pratt

Hometown: Boerne, TX

Major: Maritime Transportation

Traditions Test Score: 83

“My favorite tradition is definitely the Aggie Ring! It is a physical reminder that we’re all apart of one Aggie family, no matter what. It also gives people something to strive and work towards, because who doesn’t love a bit of Aggie Gold on their finger?”

Eric Amason

Hometown: League City, TX

Traditions Test Score: 60

“My favorite tradition is Midnight Yell. It’s so much fun standing with the 12th man as we get pumped up for the upcoming game. The energy from the Yell Leaders and the student body is so amazing as the Aggie family unites.”

JD Ponchot

Hometown: Loveland, OH

Major: Maritime Transportation & Maritime Administration Minor

Traditions Test Score: 75

“My favorite A&M tradition is Silver Taps. I cannot say I have ever been so moved in my life as I feel during a Silver Taps procession. The somberness and sheer respect for our lost Aggies pierces my heart every time one is held. The humility and honor shown by my fellow Ags is outstanding, and it is truly special to mourn for our fallen Ags in such a powerful way.”