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I'm sick and tired of "I need to transfer"

By Savannah Quiros, '22

As an engineering student here at Texas A&M University at Galveston, it is not uncommon to hear other engineering students say the increasingly popular phrase "I need to transfer". In fact, it is very common to hear. By the end of the year, the phrase is overused and it is saddening that some students would talk about a fellow Aggie establishment in such a way.

While I am sure every engineering student is excited about transferring to College Station, there is no need to bash TAMUG to show that excitement to continue your education. It costs zero cents to not be plain out rude to the university campus that jump-started your education. There are wonderful faculty and staff here at TAMUG, and the "I need to transfer" culture really undermines everything TAMUG has to offer.

When I have to transfer to College Station, I will miss Galveston and TAMUG. Many of my friends are students staying in Galveston to finish their MARA or MARB degrees. I have also met many professors who care about their students and want them to succeed. When you say you want to transfer, do you mean to criticize the many people who make a living at TAMUG?

I would like to issue a "thank you" to Galveston and TAMUG. As a first year university student, I was extremely nervous to be so far from home and have grades be taken so severely. I became homesick during my first semester and wanted nothing more than to go back home 11 hours away. The friends I made here in Galveston were my entire support system that helped me through my homesickness.

Because of my homesickness, my grades were not as good as I had wanted them to be. It was clear that every single professor I spoke to wanted to help me get to where I wanted to be and help me pass my classes with flying colors. Thank you, professors, for actually caring about your students and for making me feel welcome here at TAMUG.

I wholeheartedly believe that Galveston is a great city. It was always a blast going to the beach with my friends and eating at the local restaurants. Thank you, Galveston, for being my home away from home. To all future engineering at Galveston Aggies, make sure you look around and see all the wonderful and unique aspects of TAMUG and Galveston before you say how badly you need to transfer. You might become as attached to TAMUG and Galveston as I am.

Thank you, TAMUG, for being a great start to my academic career. I feel that I will always be a Sea Aggie at heart, even when I have to leave to College Station to continue my degree plan. For all of you on the TAMUG app and in my classes always posting and saying that you "need" to transfer, do yourself and everyone else a favor and keep it to yourself. TAMUG is an amazing campus and deserves respect from us Aggies as an Aggie establishment. Thanks and gig ‘em!