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2019 Yell Leader results

By Faith Murphy, '20

|Photo: Alinoe Roussie, Nautilus Staff

Texas A&M University at Galveston welcomes the new senior Yell Leaders, JD “Big Ponch” Ponchot winning with a lead of 81 percent of the votes and Jacob Pratt following close behind with 67 percent of the votes. Eric Amason, who was a former junior Yell Leader for the 2018 school year, fell short with only 41 percent of the total votes.

For the junior Yell Leaders, Breidon Johnson took the lead with 67.2 percent, Ryan Meriwether close behind with 64.8 percent.

Cade Ingram and Jon Kinsky received 49.8 percent and 30.8 percent respectively. As outlined in the Yell Leader constitution, an individual must receive at least 50 percent to be selected. A run-off election was due to be held March 4 through March 6 for the third junior Yell Leader. However, Jon Kinsky withdrew from the run-off leaving Cade Ingram to fulfill the position.