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Lacrosse team holds high hopes for the new season

By Faith Murphy, '20

|Photo: Tanner Mallams

TAMUG lacrosse team was defeated by St. Edwards University with a final score of 8-10

The Texas A&M Galveston Men’s Lacrosse team is one of our many high performing sports teams here on campus. The team competes collegiately against teams such as; Rice University, Louisiana Tech, Tulane, University of Texas San Antonio and many other well-known teams. The team practices twice a week in the fall, but then comes back to school early before the spring semester starts to have a training camp which consist of a practicing two times a day for at least 3 hours which helps everyone get back in the groove of things. During the spring semester the practice every week Monday thru Thursday in order to prepare for a more competitive season.

Although last season was tough for the team considering that it was a big transition period for them, their record really took a hit. But they are pulling it together and planning to make a come back this season after acquiring so much new talent. The first tournament of the season was on January 27th and the team BTHO UIW but unfortunately fell short when it came to UTSA. The games they are specifically preparing for are against; Rice University, Southeastern Louisiana, Louisiana Lafayette, and Tulane. Playing the teams just listed will determine whether or not the team is able to advance from their conference and go into playoffs. When I asked if there is one team in particular that they are trying hard to prepare for they said they typically like to try to take it week by week preparing for their opponents one at a time. This week they are preparing to play St. Edwards on February 1st here at Galveston and are hoping to take home a win.

David Falloure, class of 2019, is excited for this season and what it has to offer, “All the seniors on the team, including myself have high hopes for this season. We have depth, amazing freshman talent filling all of the positions, solid team chemistry, and great coaches to help us along the way.” He even continues by saying, “It’s the best team we have had in my time here, so playoffs are very much a real possibility and its what we are training for.” A fun tradition that the team has is before every game the sing “Allstar” by smash mouth on their warm up lap. To ensure this stays a tradition for many future teams to come they make the freshman learn the lyrics and recite it to an instrumental at their team retreat in front of the whole team. David Falloure, added that this tradition is something really fun that they are able to do as a team and it serves as a kind of right of passage to initiate the younger plays onto the team.