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Krissy Johnson joins staff as new Fitness & Wellness Coordinator

By Mylasia Miklas, '20

Texas A&M University at Galveston Campus Recreation department welcomed Krissy Johnson, a National academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, as the new Fitness and Wellness coordinator for TAMUG campus this Fall 2018 semester.

As Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Johnson plans to promote health and well-being on campus by developing exercise programs, increasing the opportunities for exercise, and by serving as a member on the wellness committee.

“My personal goal for my position is to make exercise appealing and accessible to every student on campus regardless of race, sexual orientation or any other identifying factors,” explained Krissy.

Although Krissy has only just begun her journey at TAMUG, she has been busy implementing new and exciting programs, such as group and small fitness classes and personal training. These programs are scheduled to begin on October 1st and are scheduled to last through the semester until December 6th.

Group fitness classes are free to all students for this semester and will be held in the multipurpose room in the P.E facility. Classes will be held on Monday and Thursday and will feature classes such as Zumba, Cardio Strength conditioning, and Strong mobility conditioning.

Through her short time here on campus, Johnson has met several students that have expressed interest in having potential careers in the fitness Industry. “Here at TAMUG we do not have degrees that step into fitness, but I think fitness is just a fun side hustle”, explained Johnson. She hopes to have enough students certified and involved so all programs will eventually be student run.

Johnson believes the implementation and development is important for this campus.

“We always say that you have the same opportunities as those at main campus, but sometimes I do not see it play out. I want to make sure that TAMUG students have as many opportunities and resources available to them.”